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Last night, the Center for Respite Care received the Caracole Living Award during Caracole’s 2008 Annual Meeting.  Caracole is an agency that provides safe, affordable housing and support services for persons and families living with HIV/AIDS.  We love the friendly staff at Caracole and work closely with them – men and women with HIV/AIDS often recover with us during periods of illness and then find more permanent housing with Caracole. 

Caracole celebrated its 21st anniversary this year, and we were proud to receive the award and to work with them every day.  As I mentioned in “A Circle of Help for the Homeless,” these piggy-backing efforts are so much more powerful that what we can accomplish individually.  The Center for Respite Care provides more intensive medical care that Caracole provides.  In turn, Caracole offers long-term housing solutions that Respite does not.  Rather than duplicating services, we work together.

Many thanks to Caracole for this honor and a fantastic evening!  On a personal note, I would like to mention that their catering was so outstanding that I’ll provide a link to them as well: Jeff Thomas Catering


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